Welcome to METEOR

Participants who go through the programme will find themselves being able to better navigate complexities at the workplace and in the world as well as identify opportunities to make an impactful positive change.

The programme consists of 8 workshop sessions, and a month-long portfolio-building phase. Students are given the opportunity to be attached to our partner organisations OR work on a structured project equivalent to work experience with our guidance.

Programme curriculum

    1. Programme outline

    1. Introduction

    2. Resume writing

    3. Resume quiz: Good & bad resume practices

    4. Resume quiz debrief

    5. Resume Samples

    6. Create your resume!

    7. Choice of companies

    8. Portfolio

    9. Resume Resubmission

    10. Reference Letters

    11. Interview

    12. Interview Practice

    13. Interview Sample Responses 1: Tell me about yourself

    14. Interview Sample Responses 2: What is your greatest strength?

    15. Interview Sample Responses 3: What is your greatest weakness?

    16. Interview Sample Responses 4: Why do you want to work here?

    17. Interview Sample Responses 5: Tell me about a time you were successful in a team.

    18. Interview Sample Responses 6: Describe your most challenging project.

    19. Interview Sample Responses 7: What do you like to do outside of work?

    20. Interview Sample Responses 8: Tell me about a time when you failed or made a mistake.

    21. Interview Sample Responses 9: Do you have any questions for me?

    22. Conclusion

    1. Administrative matters

    1. METEOR Session 3: Workplace Competencies and Hard Skills [2pm to 5pm]

    1. Session 6: Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Network [2pm to 5pm]

    2. Step 1: Creating a LinkedIn account

    3. Step 2: Adding a decent profile picture

    4. Step 3: Craft an attention-grabbing headline

    5. Step 4: Develop a professional Summary

    6. Step 5: Show off your Education

    7. Step 6: Emphasize your Volunteer Experience

    8. Step 7: Showcase your Skills

    9. Step 8: Display proficiency in Languages you know

    10. Step 9: Add Certifications, Honors and Awards you’ve earned

    11. Step 10: Highlight the Courses you’ve taken

    12. Step 11: Share the Projects you worked on

    13. Step 12: Feature the Organizations you support

    14. Step 13: Claim your unique URL

    15. Step 14: Follow LinkedIn Influencers and Company pages

    16. Step 15: Adding Connections from your Contact List

    17. Step 16: Making New Connections

    1. Hands-on practice: Remotely/In-Person [30 May 2022 - 24 June 2022]

About this course

  • Pick up skills in demand
  • Practise self-awareness
  • Gain strategic perspectives

Portfolio Building

  • Work Attachment

    Crater has carefully selected organisations that are committed to mentoring our talented youth. Many opportunities for students fall within job scopes like marketing, operations, and programme design. Some students will get to join internships with social impact organisations, even if they are still in secondary school.

  • Project Venture

    Gain valuable work experience through executing public-facing events. This experience builds a strong sense of courage and proactivity—critical entrepreneurial traits that help students thrive in the complex future. Working on a project that targets working adults as an audience imbues them with a strong sense of professionalism, and pragmatism.

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